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Printed tapes are not only an effective sealing of your parcels, but also a visible advertisement of your company. The print on the tape is made according to the project prepared by our graphic designers and approved by the Client. We offer tapes in three colours of print.

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Our tape is very durable and stretchable. Depending on demand, it can be used under any weather conditions. For tape production we use only the highest quality materials. The entire production process takes place at our factory in Warsaw. Please contact us to arrange an individual offer.

Marketing solution

Use it to build branding identity.

A brand is one of the most valuable assets of a business and must be carefully exposed to reach as many audiences as possible. Our printed adhesive tapes fulfills this function perfectly.

We delivered tapes all over the Europe. Join to our satisfied customers.

TechSpec Solvent

Physical properties of our printed adhesive tapes. Natural rubber in solvent.


48 mm x 60 y


25 Pm
+- 5%


41 Pm


4,5 kg/cm




250 g/cm


1 cm


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For optimal packaging results we recommend the best Swedish packaging tape dispenser. Reliably sealing and ecuring boxes and packages is a task you can take care of faster and better with our packaging tape dispensers. Our dispensers are fitted with an ergonomic grip, making handling a great deal simpler. The easy unrolling of the adhesive tape roll as well as a sharp, replaceable cutting blade both ensure that you can cleanly and securely pack your boxes.

Partitioning tapes

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Partitioning tapes are used to protect and separate dangerous areas or to mark the site at which sport competition or other outdoor events are taking place. They can be also used for marketing purposes. The print on the tape is your choice. Our graphic designers will prepare a project for you according to your preferences.

Custom printed tapes

Printed Packaging Tapes

I don't think you need to convince anyone that advertising is the lever of commerce. This saying has been repeated by entrepreneurs for a very long time. Properly selected advertising will make customers regularly learn about the existence of a given company, its services or products. There are really many ways to advertise today. Among those that do not require large financial outlays, and at the same time provide really very good effects, there are advertising tapes.

Printed tapes are being neglected by many entrepreneurs. Meanwhile, it turns out that it is also worth betting on this cheap form of advertising. It is undoubtedly a perfect solution for all those who decided to conduct online sales. Each product in the online store must be properly packaged before delivery to the customer. It is worth protecting the carton against uncontrolled opening with a printed tape. It's a simple way for a courier or postman to know which company the package is from. As a result, not only the recipient of the package learns about the company, but also people involved in its delivery. In order to realize how large a group of people the packaging tape with the print reaches, one should think about how many hands such a package must pass before it reaches our hands.

Adhesive tape with print works well regardless of the company profile that decides to bet on it. You can place the logo of both a cosmetics store, a grocery store and an online bookstore. There are therefore, in principle, no restrictions as to the scope of application of such a tape. The custom printed tape can contain not only the logo itself. At the customer's request, it can also contain a phone number or email address. As a result, you can easily ensure that far more people communicate with our company.

Printed packing tapes are really durable. The adhesive that is on their underside is really very strong. As a result, you don't have to worry about the tape coming loose. Every cardboard secured with it is really safe. So when sending a package secured with adhesive tape with a logo, you should not be afraid that its contents will not be sufficiently protected.

A wrapping tape with a print can turn out to be a really aesthetic ornament of every package that goes to the customer. It all depends only on our fantasy - companies offering printed adhesive tapes leave their clients free to choose the motifs on the tape.

Advertising can mean that the company will not complain about the lack of customers and will build its positive image. This should be remembered by everyone who decided to start their own business. That is why among the currently available methods of advertising should also be indicated adhesive tapes. In advertising, often a simple advertising message turns out to be the most effective, especially for online stores. It should be noted that printed adhesive tapes can undoubtedly help in achieving sales success.